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Powakit Mega 20000mAH Power Bank Portable Charger

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Are you ready to say goodbye to running out of battery? Introducing the Powakit Mega - the rechargable power bank with a huge 20000mAH capactiy to ensure your phone and other portable devices always stay charged.

Huge 20,000mAH capacity

Simply put this is the most powerful battery unit Powakit have ever produced. The advanced 20,000mAH battery unit can fully charge a smartphone up to 6 times. When it eventually runs out simply recharge with the included USB to Mini USB charging cable.

Compact design

All this power has been packed into a small and compact design. Dimensions measure at just 75 X 150 X 22mm and a weight of just 328g makes it one of the lightest in its field.

4 USB slots

To match its large power capacity this power bank has an industry leading 4 USB slots, enabling you to make the most of that battery and charge multiple devices at once.

Built in torch

This gadget also includes a handy LED flashlight - simply press and hold the power button to turn it on and off.

Battery level indicator

The built in battery level indicator allows you to see the level of charge left in the power bank, with each of the four blue lights indicating 25% battery level.

Rugged design

Being that this device will be taken on all sorts of adventures it has been built with a rugged hardwearing exterior, protecting against scratches and everyday knocks and bangs. 

Key Features

  • 4 USB output ports
  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Rechargeable with included charging cable
  • Compact rugged design
  • Compatible with all mobile phones and tablets
  • 30 Day no questions money back guarantee
  • FREE Delivery

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