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iKettle - The Worlds First WiFi Kettle

  • £9799

Welcome to the worlds first truly smart kettle. With the WiFi iKettle you will be able to boil your kettle from anywhere in your house. Not just that, the iKettle is smart - The app which is as beautifully designed as the stainless steel unit itself, will tell you when your water is ready to pour, remind you to refill and tell you when the kettle is empty.

Not only this, the iKettle also allows you to change the boiling temperature right from the app. If you're a true hot drink miestro you will know that different brews need different different temperatures so as not to burn the leaves. So weather its a perfect 80° green tea or smooth 95° black coffee the iKettle has got you covered.


Key Features

  • Easy one touch set up
  • 'Keep warm' feature that keeps water at your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes
  • Boil dry protection
  • LED backlit button panel
  • Welcome home and wake up modes
  • Removable filter and no internal element for easy cleaning