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Qi Wireless Charging Receiver For iPhone 6

  • £1499
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This Wireless charging adapter is a simple solution to enable you to charge your iPhone 6 completely wirelessly on a Qi compatible charging pad.

Ultra Thin Design

The design of this receiver means that you can add wireless charging to your phone whilst adding practically zero extra size. At the roughly the same thickness as a business card this Qi compatible receiver will fit underneath practically any case and you wouldn't even know it was there. The flexible ribbon cable then then feeds sleekly into your phones charging port.

No Wires

This adapter means you can say goodbye to messy wires. This receiver simply plugs into the charging port of your iPhone and you are ready to charge wirelessly, just place your phone on a Qi compatible wireless charging pad (not included) and charging will begin - it's that easy!

Need a wireless charging pad as well? Make your iPhone 6 fully wireless charging capable now with our iPhone 6 Wireless Charging kit!


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