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Powakit Wireless Bluetooth Earphones / Earbuds With Charging Dock

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Say hello to the future of earphones - listen to high quality music from your phone or bluetooth device without the burden of wires. Once you try them you'll never be able to go back!

Button controls

Each of the two earbuds have multi functional controls that not only turn them on/off but can also be used pause, play and skip through your music tracks.

Instant Connection

These bluetooth earphones use the latest bluetooth v4.1 technology to ensure using them is as easy and seamless as possible. After your device is initially paired to them, simply turn them on when ever you want to use them and they will automatically re-connect to your device within seconds.

Recharging docking station

The included portable docking station has a 300mAH battery reserve allowing you to charge your earphones up wherever you are. The docking station holds enough power to charge the earphones up to 3 times and when it runs out simply charge it back up with the included charging cable and you are ready to go again.

3 hour playback time

Despite their compact design the earbuds provide up to 3 hours of constant playback time and 100 hours of standby time. When the batteries are running low you will be notified, then simply place them in the charging dock and they're ready to re-charge.

Ultra lightweight

At just 5 grams each the earbuds are some of the lightest in their class. The extremely low weight combined with the rubber in ear design makes sure they stay well fastened in your ears at all times - fantastic for working out, traveling and general listening on the move.

Whats included:

  • 2x Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Charging docking station
  • 6x Ear Rubbers
  • User Manual
  • USB to Micro USB Charging lead

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