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PowaKit PowerCase 8000mAH Battery Case For iPhone 8 / 7 / 6S / 6 PLUS

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Protect your iPhone 8/ 7 / 6S / 6 PLUS and add an extra 8000mAH of battery power on the button whenever you need it.


Finished in a matt soft touch finish and form fitted to the iPhone the PowerCase is more than just performance, it looks and feels great too! The phone slides snugly into the case, which is designed to be as compact as possible for ease of use day-to-day. You can also make the most out of that extra battery power for movie watching with the built in stand. Simply pop out or clip away as you please.

8000mAH Capacity

The PowerCase adds an additional 8000mAH capacity to the standard 2900mAH battery of the iPhone Plus. Simply charge the case up and you're ready to boost your phone whenever it is needed. When fully charged the PowerCase can add 1-2 full charges to your device.

Additional USB Port

The use of this enlarged battery capacity doesn't just stop at charging your one device either, the addition of a USB port means that you can charge another phone or portable device at the same time, using the case just like an external power bank.

Easy To Charge

One of the best things about this case is the need for no extra wires, the PowerCase charges straight from your iPhone charger. Simply plug the 8 bit connector into the bottom of the battery case and either charge the case on its own, or power the case on and charge your iPhone at the same time!

Battery level indicator

The built in battery level indicator allows you to see the level of charge left in the case, with each of the four blue lights indicating 25% battery level.

Key Features

  • One-wire charging
  • Compatible with iPhone 7 / 6S & 6 PLUS
  • 8000mAH power reserve
  • Built in stand
  • Additional USB port
  • Ultra slim design
  • 'Soft Touch' matt finish 
  • 30 Day no questions money back guarantee 

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