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You Can Now Charge Your iPhone 6 Wirelessly, Here's How

Posted by Howard Richards on


The world of iPhone charging accessories just got a whole lot bigger. Wireless charging technology has been around for a while now, but it's only recently we have seen it become useable in the personal tech world. In fact Samsung's latest flagship phone the galaxy S6 supports wireless charging as one of its leading features.

Unfortunately, Apple is yet to incorporate wireless charging technology into it's devices. However if you want to bring the wonders of wireless charging to your iPhone 6, there is a way! The iPhone's inability to support wireless charging comes from its lack of a built in wireless receiver, this can be overcome however with one of our brand new wireless charging adapters that simply plugs into your iPhones charging port and hides sleekly under any case.

Once your receiver is connected, just place your iPhone on any Qi compatible wireless charging pad and wireless charging will commence - it's that easy!

You can now also get everything you need to make your iPhone 6 wireless charging capable in one, with our iPhone 6 wireless charging kit. The kit includes an ultra thin wireless charging receiver, a premium Powakit non-slip wireless charging pad and all necessary wires.


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